Greg Holloway

I witnessed that truth about healing during my four years of clinical study in Santa Fe. And I now see it here in Georgia. Pain goes away. Depression and anxiety lift. Addictions and cravings subside. Allergies clear. Weight is lost and stays off. Complexions glow and look years younger. And all of this is because of the amazing Force that is at the core of every sentient being.

"Here's what I'll tell you; here's what I know: Whether you come to see me or go to another Acupuncturist, you will benefit from this Medicine. Tap into the tremendous reservoir of healing energy that is within your own body."

- Greg -

Healing your body


Acupuncture is an absolutely incredible Medicine. And that's because it's YOU who is healing your body, mind and spirit. I'm here to facilitate that. And to honor the infinite Intelligence that is the Energy of your body and of the entire Universe.

I am happy to share with you cases of my patients who have healed themselves through Acupuncture. Call me. (706) 975-1261


The results of Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation speak for themselves.
I love doing this procedure.
I've also seen great success with Pain Management, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Weight Loss, Depression and Anxiety.


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